2019 – the year of productivity!

Happy new year to you all! I hope you all had wonderful times over the festive period and made many happy memories. Our household was as crazy as ever, with the boys embracing all that Christmas brings – particularly the abundance of chocolate!

And here we are in the new year already! All those hours of writing cards, wrapping gifts and preparation are over and we are left with a mountain of new toys without a home and no money! How dreary and negative January can be. This year however I am determined it will be different!

2018 was great, don’t get me wrong and we made some wonderful memories with our boys but I can’t help feeling that the year pasted in a blur with nothing much to show for it – other than those priceless memories, of course. I found myself adapting to being a ‘stay at home mum’ (and continue to do so) and it feels as if this took much more from me than I thought it would. We spent a lot of time talking about ideas for the house and garden but then not actually persuing them. Well, that is all about to change!

My buzz word for 2019 is ‘productivity’! I am determined that those conversations about plans for the garden actually turn into activity and we follow plans through. Just the thought of how much we could achieve if we follow the mantra of ‘less talk, more doing’ makes me feel quite empowered and excited.

And then there is my much-dreamt about craft room and my own plans for Treasured Buttons. I stripped the walls of our spare room back in August with the idea that the room would be re-decorated by October and I would have a place to create in time for Christmas – that didn’t happen! All I have done since then is create a ‘craft room’ board on Pinterest and filled it with ideas, which is great but not terribly useful if the room itself is not ready. I dream of the day when I can fill this room with wonderful storage (I do love storage!) and materials ready for creating and be able to stop a project and leave the room without fear of little fingers taking hold! Well dream no more, this is happening! Once I have this space for myself I can create and start to put my plans in place to expand Treasure Buttons for the future and this will be my motivation.

It is very easy to make new years resolutions and in my experience they bearly last till mid-January so I am reluctant to label this determination as such. The use of a ‘buzz word’ somehow feels different though, maybe because it is not too specific and can be applied to many aspects of life. Whatever the reason, I am going to run with it and vow that 2019 be the year when things get done! After all, I have a new whiteboard for planning projects so what’s the worst that can happen!

Have you got a ‘buzz’ word for the year ahead? Whatever your goals and plans for 2019, may it be a kind year for us all.

Much Love

L x

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