A bed fit for a Mer-cat!

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As mid-November fast approaches and we move closer to the wonderful Christmas season, I am planning to be busy making gifts for family and friends, which I am really excited about. However before I get stuck in, my attention has been on a project that has been somewhat commissioned – a cosy bed for Sausage the cat! Sausage belongs to my brother and his girlfriend and currently likes to curl up in the wardrobe to sleep. The suggestion of me making a bed for Sausage which I could then feature on the blog was made and a project was born!


Now we don’t have any pets in the ‘treasured buttons’ household and I have never owned a cat so my first task was to research cat beds and get some sort of idea of a design. My boys loved this as it meant a trip to the pet shop where we saw rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish! Anyway, back on point ….  My idea was that if Sausage favours sleeping in the wardrobe, I wanted to make a bed that could be positioned to create a cosy corner but equally taken into a larger space and used as more of a flat bed for her to lay out on. I found a good design and tutorial on Youtube by clothespindolls of http://www.sugarplumdolls.com that allows for the bed to be flexible in shape and size. The pet bed featured is made in the shape of a flower with padded sides acting as petals. Despite being a girl cat, Sausage is apparently not particularly feminine and so choosing this design was perfect to bring out her feminine side!


Sourcing the fabric from which I would make the bed took a little longer as I initially hoped to find something locally but was quickly disappointed. I was saddened by the lack of haberdashery and fabric shops and so found myself instead turning to the internet once again. While it is obvious that this response is exactly why so many specialist shops cease to trade or themselves are solely based online, it is a sad state of affairs. I would love nothing more than to browse around a fabric shop with the opportunity to feel the fabric before you buy but this experience sadly seems a thing of the past.


Once a large template for the bed was made and the fabric had arrived, it was all systems go! Cutting the fabric to the desired size and shape is always a little nerve-wracking, particularly if like me you had only bought enough fabric for the project itself and so one mistake could be disastrous! Thankfully all went well and I was ready to sew – my favourite bit!


While I always love using my sewing machine, I somewhat underestimated how tricky it can be to sew a circle, particularly if you have not done it before! I got there in the end though and am quite pleased with how the bed turned out, although there is always room for improvement – I am my own worst critic. The inner cushion and the ‘petals’ around the outside were made using the stuffing of an old pillow and to be honest making these was one of the best parts of the project – I do love a bit of recycling! The bed looks a little flat in this picture but the petals do actually have a little lift in them with the idea being that once Sausage is curled up in the centre, the petals will lift around her, creating a slightly enclosed effect. I think the bed looks a little bit like a large summer hat once laid flat.


My brother and his girlfriend were really pleased with the end result, which is the most important thing when making something for someone else. Although, I think that the main critic will be Sausage herself in whether she takes to the bed or not – only time will tell!


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