About Me

Hi there,

My name is Lucy and I love all things crafty – in a nutshell! I am a mummy to two beautiful boys who are my world and who have taken over my life since their arrival.

Within my previous existence however, I loved nothing more than to sit round a table with a group of friends for a catch up over an assortment of craft for card-making. This is where my enjoyment for craft grew and so did our small gathering – however once our final ‘member’ joined us, the craft projects dwindled and the wine began to flow!

Then….BANG! Motherhood and life took over (although our little gathering still gather and the wine most definitely does flow!) My interest in craft and the home made has always been at the back of my mind and I would see projects and create ideas that I would tell myself ‘I’ll give that a go when I get a minute.’

When planning my return to work after having my 2nd, it became quite clear that with childcare costs being so high, it was just not feasible for me to return, despite my every effort to ‘find a way.’ So, I’ll be a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ I thought, that will be okay, I can do that…! While it is not lost on me that I am very lucky to be at home with my boys, I can’t help being aware of the negative effect that I may feel mentally upon not having my own ‘space’ in the world, which I found when working.

Time for a change – so here I am! This shall be my place to share my past projects and give me a reason and excuse to create new ones! A place for us to share, encourage and natter – who knows what could happen!

Love Lucy X