Ahoy There Me Hearties!

Ahoy There Me Hearties!


Many apologises for the ‘radio’ silence as of late but this is with a good excuse – our biggest baby is now 4!! We decided this would be a good year to hold a birthday party at home as he has made some great friendships at preschool and thankfully, it was a great success!


The theme of pirates was an obvious choice and as usual I became quite obsessed with researching ideas, this in itself being a reoccuring theme of its own! As it turns out, pirate resources seem to be everywhere at the moment, or at least they were which made sourcing items and materials much easier. I wanted to use the opportunity to make something that would be for the party and could also be used afterwards and so decided to make some pirate bunting to use as decoration, which has since been re-hung in our son’s bedroom.



Sourcing some ‘pirate’ style fabric was relatively easy and I already had the red polka dot material, which together made a good combination. I have realised over the last couple of months (a bit late to the party!) that YouTube is great for finding a tutorial on probably about anything and this is where I found a simple and easy to follow tutorial by Rose Smith on how to make bunting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXETNFUEVtM 


I could well have muddled though and still made the bunting but as I had not actually made any before, I found it really useful to actually watch someone rather than just follow written instructions. As with other projects that I have recently done, every time I use my sewing machine I fall a little bit more in love with it and this project was without exception. The great thing about watching somebody else make something is that they often share little tricks and tips that they have learnt along the way and in watching Rose’s tutorial, I was able to learn a few tips that I hope I will be able to apply to future projects.


Despite taking me longer than it probably should have, I was pretty pleased with the outcome and was able to make 2 strings of bunting with the material I had available.


The other ‘main make’ for the party was obviously the cake! Anybody that knows me knows that I am not a confident cook, never mind baker and so this was a bit deal for me. My dear friend is however somewhat of a ‘Mary Berry’ and has been there in the past when it comes to making a cake and again on this occasion. The difference this time was that she suggested that I make the cake beforehand and she would then help me with the decoration. For many people, this would sound a piece of cake (pun intended!) but I was a little nervous that my sidekick would not actually be with me. As it turned out however the baking of the cake went well and I actually enjoyed doing it-something that years ago I would never have thought I would say. The decoration element is more of my thing and for this I had again researched the life out of it for inspiration. In the end I didn’t share my idea as I wanted it to be a surprise and this paid off as the birthday boy was really excited when he saw the cake finished.



I was really pleased with the finished cake and relieved that it also tasted good too! It just goes to show that a little faith can go a long way and actually make you realise that you can achieve when you have a go!


The party was a big success, despite many thinking I was slightly mad to be having 15 children in my house at once! My husband and brother both went to town with the idea of dressing up as pirates as did many of the children, which was great to see. All in all, a great time was had and rather than put me off, I am looking forward to many more themed parties in our crazy household!


Now that the celebrations are sadly over, I am launching into my Christmas creations so watch this space and let more madness begin!


Until next time

L xx

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