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Hi everyone,


I hope you are well and if you have had to endure the back-to-school routine, I hope it has been kind to you. Our return was not as smooth as anticipated but I think we are over the worst! Isn’t it funny that you think you know your little ones and then they throw you a curve ball which makes you question yourself!


The last weekend of the summer holidays we spent at home catching up on some jobs in an attempt to return to normality (to be honest, my favourite way to spend a weekend!) This led me to a task that I had been putting off – paying attention to my lavender plant! I have always loved the comforting smell of lavender and when I purchased the small plant, I planted it in a pot (or rather my husband did) and left it to grow. Well it certainly did that and as a result had become a bit of a twiggy mess! It wasn’t until I was attempting to tame it into a more attractive shape that I thought I would try and dry the best trimmings and use them as gifts for Christmas. What’s the worst that could happen?!


After a little bit of research, the best way to dry lavender is to tie the bunch together using an elastic band and this is supposed to ‘ensure that the stems won’t slip from the tie as they shrink during the drying process’ My husband proceeded to explain that his Nan used to dry lavender by placing a cloth bag over the flowers, so as to catch the buds when they dry and drop off of the stems, leaving a bag full of dried lavender –  what a clever idea! As you can imagine, this made my little mind race and I was instantly seeking bits of cloth that I could make into a suitable bag.



After looking through my many craft books, I turned to the internet and stumbled across a great video tutorial of how to make a drawstring bag by Dana at MADE Everyday I found her tutorial really easy to follow and was able to make my first drawstring bag which although not perfect, I am quite pleased with. I used a piece of (unused!) muslin square which will allow the lavender ‘to breathe’ while it is drying and so stop it from going mouldy.


The bag is just the right size to cover the lavender buds and is currently hanging in my airing cupboard, buds downwards, hopefully with the lavender drying nicely – we shall see!

Just a small ‘easy’ make and yet it has re-ignited my love of my sewing machine and inspired me to create more using fabric, of which I do have a small hoard! I will definately be revisiting Dana at MADE Everyday for some more ideas and video tutorials too so watch this space!


Until next time,

L x

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