Buttons and Tea

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I hope this finds you well and safe while we continue to navigate through this new world of uncertainty and change – the older I get I can safely confirm that I do not like change! With many functions postponed and the hospitality industry only just starting to open up again, I have found myself reminiscing about days out and experiences we have enjoyed in the past – family days out, drinks in the city and afternoon teas; the latter being the theme of this creation…..

Last year, we celebrated a milestone birthday for my step-mum and treated her to an afternoon tea at a posh hotel. As with many of life’s milestones, I like to create something that reflects the event and can be a keepsake of the celebration so I decided upon a button picture of a teapot. I love using buttons in craft and am lucky enough to have inherited a bit of a stash so my first task was to sift through my collection and select the buttons that I would use for the picture. I decided upon a palette of turquoises, lilacs and white, with a few varied tones. I wanted to use colours that reflected my step-mum and that I thought would be in keeping with her surroundings; just a little way of keeping the piece personal to her.

Finding a template for the actual shape of the teapot was actually the trickiest part of the whole project. I had a idea in my mind of the shape of teapot that I wanted to use and this almost made it harder when searching for the perfect image. I wanted it to be a classic image of a teapot, so as to reflect the traditional afternoon that it was representing.

Once I had finally chosen the perfect image to use as a template, I just needed to carefully transfer this onto the backing piece of the frame and then I would be ready to start the fun bit! Next to rifling through my tin of buttons to choose which ones to use, arranging them to create an image is my favourite! It can sometimes take a while to work out which button to start with and I always start off in the centre of the image, placing the first few buttons in situ before I actually fix them in place. From then on it is a bit like completing a puzzle, except that not all of my buttons are the same size or even shape so it can take a bit of working out to match buttons to one another. Watching the image build right in front of you is really satisfying and being able to identify it as the intended image once it is finished is even better! Although when I first sent a photo of the finished piece to my brother, his reply was ‘what is it meant to be? ….joking!..’

Being as the piece was to commemorate a special occasion, I added the venue and date of our afternoon tea as an additional reminder of the day and especially since it wasn’t actually on my step-mum’s birthday but a few months later – a girl likes to hang out the birthday celebrations!

The finished piece was gratefully received, which is always a relief and it really made me want to create more images in a similar way, although I am yet to do any more as of yet. The great thing about this project is that it can be made so personal which I love, with the choice of image and the colour scheme of buttons used – the opportunities are endless. Maybe I will have a go at doing another piece sooner rather later …..

Until next time,

L x

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