Dad’s surprise explosion!

Hi to you all,

As we bid farewell to March and welcome in the month of April, I am left with mixed emotions.

March is always going to be a busy month for our family but that of 2019 saw significant celebrations. My husband turned 40, my Dad was 70 (I’m sure he will appreciate me sharing that with the world!) and my baby turned 2, the latter being something that I am still coming to terms with!

When my Dad last reached a milestone birthday, our lives were very different and sadly his birthday passed without much celebration which made us determined to make this one to remember. I had been planning this project for sometime and of course had a Pinterest board as a result. I wanted to create something that would be a reflection of the years gone by (not to rub it in at all!) as well as a keepsake – hopefully. I have made explosion boxes in the past but they have only ever been single layer so for this occasion I wanted to go one step further and created one with 3 layers.

Once I had decided upon a colour scheme for each layer of the box, it was time to cut the outline of each layer and score where the card would be folded. This can be quite a tricky job and needs to be done accurately if the layers are going to fold up correctly and the box is going to close.

Likewise with the lid of the box, this also needs to be precise if it is to cover the folded box properly without being too small that it is difficult to remove and create the desired effect. I actually completed this stage of the project about a week before continuing, having breathed a sigh of relief that this difficult part was finished!

I chose to predominately decorate the panels of each layer of the box with photographs of my Dad from when he was young up to the present day, or near enough. My Nana keeps all the old family photographs in a large box and it was a case of sifting through to find the ones that I wanted to use, of which there were a few! I had a couple of more recent photos but did have to search for them which made me realise that I just don’t take enough! Some of these photos are from a time when prints came in smaller sizes than what we are used to today, which meant that I had to be precise when trimming them to fit onto each panel as I didn’t want to trim off too much and in doing so lose the essence of the photo itself.

Surprisingly, my main dilemma of the whole project was where to position each photo. I spent far too long thinking about whether I should have the photos running from recent to older, older to recent or just randomly across the three layers – arrh! In the end I had to make a decision and chose to have the oldest photos on the bottom layer, running through to the most recent on the top layer. Isn’t to funny what we get fixated on?!

Finally, I decided to create 2 pockets on either side of the top layer so that I could hide messages inside each and that way, the exploding box could also become a card. I didn’t have a template for these as it was something that I chose to add later on but after a little working out of how I would need to cut and score the card, I came up with two pockets that I was pleased with.

Here it is!

The great thing about these exploding boxes is that you can make them as simple or a complicated as you like, for an array of occasions. Opportunities to personalise are endless, adding photos, meaningful quotes and a specific colour scheme to name a few. There can also be used as a way of scrap-booking and creating a record of a special occasion.

I really enjoyed making this triple layer box and will definitely be making more in the future.

Until next time,

L x

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