Do your dinosaurs eat cress?!

Hi to you all,


The summer holidays are flying by with not much time to spare, hence why I have been sitting on this post for a little while but have not had the time to do much with it! Well, here goes …


This post is a bit different from my usual but was actually one of my husband’s ideas and it was really lovely to watch him getting the boys involved. We love dinosaurs in our house so this was the perfect project to engage them in.


We (this being the royal ‘we’!) started off with 2 large pot saucers, some compost, a few sheets of kitchen towel, a selection of  stones in varying sizes and of course, some small dinosaurs!

We lined each pot saucer with a sheet of damp kitchen towel so as to keep the compost moist when it is placed on top.


Our eldest particularly enjoyed filling each saucer with a generous amount of compost and positioning the stones, that we had collected from around the garden. I really like the use of large and small stones but you could use whatever you have available. Shells that you have collected would also work, giving your dinosaur garden a coastal feel.


Then it was time to place the dinosaurs in their new habitat! Our youngest, who had been watching from the sidelines was now keen to get involved and liked pressing the dinosaurs into the compost, whereas his brother was a bit more specific about where he put the dinosaurs; these dinos look like they are having some sort of face-off!


All that was left to do now was to sprinkle the cress seeds onto the compost, making sure that some also got in between the stones, give each saucer a generous water and wait!

The use of dinosaurs for this project was a obvious choice for our boys but the same idea could also be adapted to create a fairy garden or any other mini habitat that would capture your little ones imagination.

It didn’t take long for our cress seeds to grow and to be honest, we left them a little longer than you may want to. In the end, our dinos were well and truly hidden in the undergrowth! This did however add another dimension to the activity and our youngest particularly enjoyed having a root around in the overgrown cress in search for the dinosaurs. 


I guess the great thing about this project is that you can use your imagination to create whatever little world you want to. I’d love to see what small worlds you come up with so why not have a go and share your ideas. The interpretations are endless!


Have fun!

L x



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