Fabric not Faberge!

Hello to you all,


Welcome to my Easter Post!


I wanted to try something new this Easter while also involving my boys, although that part of the project didn’t quite go to plan! After researching various Easter activities and projects, I decided upon decorating eggs using fabric scraps.


My husband offered to blow out the eggs to empty them, for which I was grateful and I started to gather the different fabric pieces that we would use to decorate the eggs. Now, I am quite a hoarder when it comes to craft resources and never like to throw anything away ‘just in case’ hence why I had quite a few pieces of fabric to choose from – I knew they would come in handy one day! I decided to use pinking shears to cut the fabric into thin strips of about a centimetre wide. This was to prevent the fabric from fraying but also to add a bit of texture to each egg and allow each strip to stand out against the one next to it.  So we had blown-out eggs, PVA glue and glue sticks and a pile of fabric strips. What could possibly go wrong?


Whenever I plan to do craft with the boys, I am ever-optimistic and have this perfect image of us all sitting together, talking about what we are creating and enjoying the moment. Well, this did not happen!


Within a minute my eldest’s egg rolled off the table onto the tiled kitchen floor (‘sorry mummy!’) shortly followed by my youngest actually squeezing his egg till it cracked – marvellous! My sunshine image was quickly replaced by me having to remind myself to stay calm and count to 10! We had 4 eggs remaining so all was not lost – thank goodness for those. My eldest had a good go at decorating his egg and selected the pieces of fabric that he wanted to use.  Amongst the fabric strips were remnants of pirate fabric that I had used to make his bunting for his pirate birthday party last year (see Ahoy There Me Hearties! post). I suggested that I could make him a ‘pirate egg’ which he thought was a great idea and swiftly lost interest in decorating his own – great! Well I had tried! I continued with the activity on my own while the boys ran off to play – that suited me fine.


I found decorating the remaining eggs rather therapeutic and enjoyed watching how the different fabrics looked against each other and formed patterns. I have to say that I am super pleased with how the eggs turned out and while they are still delicate, the fabric has given them a slight strength – not quite enough to survive a 2 year old though! When I showed my eldest his ‘pirate egg’ his face lit up and he said that it was ‘brilliant’ – quite an accolade from a 4 year old. I’ll take that, thank you.


I haven’t yet decided what I will do with my fabric-decorated eggs. I think I will keep them to display in my ever-allusive craft room! They would also make a cute little Easter gift for someone, with the added bonus that the fabric used could be chosen to personalise each egg. I am not prepared to share my creations just yet (selfish, I know) but I will definately keep the idea for gifting in the future.

What ever crafts you get involved in this Easter, I hope you enjoy creating!


Until next time,


L x


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  1. Great idea and so many wonderful patterns and fabric to choose from. I may give this a go in the future ❣️

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