Friends, Sea and Crafting!

Good afternoon to you all,

Weeks seem to be flying by at the moment and what with Easter being much later this year, the children being on school holiday and the bank holidays, I am feeling a little bit out of sync. With so many thoughts occupying my head, I need to get back on ‘my blogging wagon’ so here goes!

The idea for this post originated from a girly weekend that I went on back in mid-April, which is somewhat becoming a yearly event – long may this continue! With us all being at different stages in our lives, we have different stresses and responsibiltities and it is a chance for us all to get together, drink, eat and relax! We had arranged to stay in the small village of Winchelsea Sands on the South coast and upon driving into the area, we noticed signs for a craft fair that was taking place on the Sunday next to where we were staying – perfect!

However, the creative juices started to flow long before the craft fair and we found ourselves out shopping for craft materials and resources! My friend, who’s sister is currently expecting wanted to recreate a pebble art picture that her sister had seen and all of a sudden, we were all on the band wagon of pebble art!

We decided to go to the craft fair on the Sunday morning and then venture down to the beach in search of pebbles for our creations. The craft fair was quite small as expected but a few purchases were made and I felt inspired for our afternoon ahead. Having searched online for images of pebble art, we each had an idea of what we wanted to create and the size and shape of pebbles that we would need to create the desired effect.

Despite being a little breezy, it was a lovely day to be sitting on the beach and even though we were each searching for our own pebbles, because we knew what picture everybody else was planning to create, we were also helping each other to find the pebbles needed. I found it surprising how quickly I began to look at the shape of pebbles differently and imagine them on the board, as part of the picture that I hoped to create.

Back at our base, it didn’t take long for us to move the furniture and start to create. The thing I love about creating alongside others is the instant feedback that you get and the sharing of ideas of how to improve your project. It was very reminiscent of our card-making days when we used to take it in turns to host an evening of card craft and gossip, before we abandoned that and just gossiped!

I had decided to create a belated engagement gift for my brother and his Fiancee who got engaged back in February. While I had the pebbles and my friend had found the piece of driftwood, I didn’t actually complete the picture until I was back at home. It was suggested that I could add some colour to the pebble ‘skirt’ with a piece of decoupage paper – something that I had never actually used.

We had decided to visit the small town of Rye on our way home on the Monday and this was where we stumbled upon a wonderful craft shop called Craft Magic ( I could have seriously spend hours in this place, even joking that the girls leave me there and come back for me later! It was filled with resources for an endless amount of projects and even has a workspace at the back of the shop that can be booked for completing your craft; we have already talked about returning and combining this into a future weekend away. I was able to find some wonderful decoupage papers in a small pack of 5 different designs and as soon as I confessed that I had not tried the craft before, advice was given about the resources I would need, along with a printed guide for beginners – perfect. I would love to return, preferably when I have less projects to complete and more money!

I am really pleased with how the decoupage came out on the pebble ‘skirt’ and really enjoyed trying something new; I would definately love to try decoupaging more – watch this space! The completed pebble art was well recieved by my brother and his Fiancee and I have to admit that I was quite proud of the final piece. I can sense that I will be spending many more hours searching for pebbles on a beach in the near future!

Until next time,

L x

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