Happy bird-day, Nana!

Hi to you all,


We have been busy over the past week with various projects (watch this space!) and celebrations, mostly that of my Nana’s 95th birthday! She is doing amazingly well for her age and continues to enjoy life. I love celebrating other people’s birthdays and as best I can, use it as an opportunity to try something new.


This card was actually really simple to make once I had created a template for the bird and chosen the materials to use. My Nana always took an interest in her garden and wildlife so a bird seemed an obvious choice of subject. She also loves flowers so finding the contrasting floral materials was ideal. I used a piece of hessian fabric for the backing material as a way of highlighting the outline so that the blue floral design would not be lost against the blue of the card.

I always seem to create a card and find myself wondering whether it is missing something. Thankfully my husband has proved to be a good critic and will always be honest, at least that is what I hope he is being! I have found that there is a fine line between accepting a piece of work as finished and adding something to it which actually ruins the effect.


This creation is another example (see my previous post entitled ‘Re-use the Clutter!’) of how scraps from previous projects can be re-used to create different effects in different ways. I have been drawn to the use of fabrics lately and have found myself daydreaming about haberdashery departments! May that be a hint of what is to come as many of the projects that I have lined up will involve fat quarters and my sewing machine 🙂 


As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.


Until next time,

L x

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