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It is that time again when the schools are almost out and parents across the land are wondering when is an acceptable time to crack open the wine – or is that just me?!


For us it is our first summer break as my eldest ‘baby’ has just completed his first year at preschool. Where has that year gone? He has changed so much in that time and has made some lovely friends along the way.  Instead of buying the usual gifts that are bought for teachers, I thought I would turn my hand to making something for each of them and in that way I would also have a blog post – sneaky! One of the things that I am enjoying about finding subjects for posts is that I now have a reason for tackling and completing projects that I have had on the back burner for sometimes years and this is one of those projects.


My brother bought me this for my birthday a few years ago and I thought that this as good a time as ever to give it a try. The kit gives you all the resources to make 25 fabric covered buttons using a small selection of Cath Kidston fabrics, as well as instructions. It wasn’t until I had made my first couple of buttons that I had the idea of making one for each of the preschool teachers, giving me a reason to make more! 


I then thought of attaching each button to a piece of card which would have a quote of some sort written on it which likened teachers to buttons. After trawling through the internet and Pinterest (how I spend my life!), it was clear that the only quote referencing buttons that I could find is ‘Mothers are like buttons. They hold everything together.’ While this is very true (!) it was not appropriate for this project and so I instead decided to make each button personal to each teacher and ask my son for something that he wanted to thank each teacher for. This was very cute and with a little encouragement (he initially just wanted to thank everyone for the Juice bar!) we found a different reason to thank each teacher.


I am pleased with the end result and each button was gratefully received, which was the main thing! I was surprised at how emotional I felt speaking to each teacher and expressing my thanks for all their hard work. I guess I should get used to that!

I still have enough resources to make a further 15 buttons but I’m gonna save those for another day. Watch this space!



Good luck for the beginning of the holidays!

L x


The Cath Kidston Button Factory is unfortunately no longer available on the Cath Kidston website but can be purchased from a selection of other retailers online.




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