I’m Hooked!

Evening All,

How are you? So much has been happening since I last posted and yet it could have only been yesterday. Aside from the constant changes and restrictions to our daily lives, our household has undergone a few changes ourselves. My eldest is now back at school full-time and I only now feel recovered from the trauma of home-schooling (let’s just hope it doesn’t make a comeback!). My youngest has now started pre-school which, although he says every day that he doesn’t want to go, he is really enjoying and I have started volunteering at the school which I am loving! We have now settled into a good weekly routine and so I am back!

During the summer break I was in need of a new project (despite the fact that I already have several WIPs!) and so I decided to revisit the idea of learning to crochet. I have had a go at learning to crochet a few times and always got frustrated and given up! I have the hooks and a beginners book but just never could get on with this way of learning – this time it was going to be different! A friend had previously suggested that I use Bella Coco Crochet (https://bellacococrochet.com) where Sarah-Jayne provides video tutorials for a range of crochet projects, including those for absolute beginners. In the past I never felt that I had the time to fully commit to learning a new skill but this time I was determined. I found a stash of yarn that I could use for practise and set to it!

Bella Coco offers a range of video tutorials from the very basics of crochet up to the more advanced projects and it was easy to find a video that I could start with. I found Sarah-Jayne a really good teacher and being a video tutorial I was able to stop and rewind any parts that I wanted to repeat – I won’t tell you how often I did this at the start!

After getting to grips with the basics of holding the crochet hook and the foundation chain, I focused on actually producing a piece of crochet and followed the ‘granny stripe’ tutorial. Obviously this is after many attempts and much redo-ing but I am pretty pleased with it. I love the way that 2 complimentary colours can be used alongside each other to create a striking effect.

Having created my 1st piece of crochet that I was happy with, I decided to practise further by making a couple of swatches just to increase my confidence; I was still referring to the tutorials as back up!

Around this time I was given a set of ergonomic crochet hooks for my birthday and these were a game changer! I had been using metal hooks but I had never felt completely comfortable with my grip. With the ergonomic hooks, I was able to find a much more comfortable way of holding the hooks and I have been using them ever since.

I can honestly say that I am ‘hooked’! While I would not profess to being an expert or even call myself a crocheter yet, I am gaining in confidence and above all really enjoying the process. There is something very comforting about holding the yarn and allowing the hook to move around it. I am currently following Bella Coco’s pattern for her ‘By The Sea Blanket’ albeit using different yarn and just love watching it grow in size with every sitting.

I am so pleased that I took the plunge and persevered with Bella Coco’s tutorial videos and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of learning to crochet. I have stuck with only a few stitches, preferring to master these before I move on but I think that for my next challenge, I will attempt the classic granny square – watch this space!

Until next time,

L x

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