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I hope you are all hanging in there with the world still on stop, although things are starting to ease which almost makes me just as nervous! Since my last post, I have really had to resist the temptation to start a new project and instead stick to my promise of finishing projects before I start new ones – I can’t guarantee this will last for long! As a result, I don’t have anything new to share at the moment but it did get me thinking about what else I have done that I could share instead – scrapbooking!

I have been keeping scrapbooks for many years and can’t believe that I haven’t shared this before now. I think I made my first scrapbook when I finished university as a way of remembering this important stage of my life. I had always been a keeper of tickets, wristbands and receipts and when paired with photos, these made a wonderful book of memories. I have since made scrapbooks around special holidays and the years of ‘courting’ my husband. (However despite being 9 years down the line, I am yet to finish our wedding scrapbook!)

When my 1st born was around 6 months old, I decided to start a scrapbook of his adventures and our times spent as a family. Although he had a baby book of initial milestones, I thought a scrapbook would have more space to document beyond those early years. Now that I had decided to start this, I was constantly looking for items that I could save and pair with photos to enhance a memory and create a fun scrapbook.

The first page that I made was of a trip to The Harry Potter Shop at Kings Cross Station, London. I had purchased the ‘train ticket’ from the shop itself and managed to find a Harry Potter themed scrapbook paper online (you can find these in an endless amount of themes and colours). Teamed with a photo of us outside and the date, the page was complete.

I initially thought that I would use just one page for each ‘memory’ but this depends upon how much I have and the individual experience itself – some memories are worth milking! I purchased a few different scrapbook papers for the first few pages and while these really enhance the photos and theme of the page, I realised that in the long term this could be expensive! So, I found others ways to add variation and colour to each page. For example, when it came to documenting my son’s christening, I had managed to save a flat piece of christening wrapping paper from one of his gifts and this made the perfect backing paper for the page – done!

Another way that I enhance a scrapbook entry is to include receipts and leaflets from days out. This particular entry is a few pages long and so I have started it off by including these as a bit of an introduction. If leaflets are glued to the page in the right place, they can be opened up to show more information. I think it is really fun to include receipts in particular as it creates a bit of a time capsule where you can look back and compare prices – ‘how much for a cup of tea?!’

However, all of this takes time to compile and while I started to complete each page straight away, this quickly slipped and all of a sudden I was behind. Coupling this with then having my second son about a year later and I had a pile of photos and memorabilia waiting to be added to the scrapbook. I also realised that I would have to create a similar book for my second son – how could I not? As a result, that pile of memorabilia is a constant and I am a good year behind with adding to both scrapbooks – eek! I seem to have bursts of activity when I will spend a good few days cutting, sticking and positioning photos and such before leaving it again for another few months. But I don’t get worked up about it as much anymore and guess that I will catch up with myself eventually – we will just have to stop doing anything for a considerable amount of time! Even at the moment during lockdown, I still take photos of activities that we are doing so these will be included – eventually. I have noticed a few templates online for a ‘Covid-19 time capsule’ so I may adapt some of the ideas and add them to these future pages for the boys.

Above all this work is the wonderful keepsake of memories that we are left with. I have this rose-tinted image of each of the boys one day sitting down with their own children looking through each of their books and reminiscing over their childhood memories. Equally I am fully aware that they may not be interested in the slightest and I will be looking through each book long into my old age, reminiscing on my own! Oh well. I love looking through each book even now and the boys enjoy looking at the photos, even remembering some of the memories themselves.

Whoever the scrapbooks end up benefiting, being the boys and their future families or just myself, I will continue to document their path throughout childhood and make a big deal of all of their milestones along the way. Because somethings are worth treasuring.

Until next time,

L x

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