New Year, New Goals!

Happy (belated ) New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating and are fighting fit to embrace 2020 – wow, where did the last decade go! I always find myself in quite a reflective mood at this time of year and try to think of ways that I can ‘be better’ during the coming year. Since deciding a few months ago not to pursue my original plan of selling my creations, I have not really done much creating, even just for my own enjoyment. Having got caught up with all that Christmas entails and through being involved in school activities, I have just not found the time and to be honest, the enthusiasm. This is definitely something that I need to address as fundamentally my interest in a variety of crafts has not changed and crafting is my way of grabbing a little time for myself. So, my first ‘resolution’ is to get back into the creative activities I enjoy, finishing at least a few of my incomplete projects (!) and learning a few new crafts along the way. I was actually bought a couple of new craft kits and materials for Christmas which I am really excited to get into so watch this space for more about those.

Another change I am committed to is to practise more sustainable living. I have always considered myself fairly good at recycling and I try to reuse materials and resources in my various craft projects which I will of course continue to do so. However I think I could ‘do better’ with just being aware of general waste as well as our use of plastics around the house. I am not for one minute suggesting that I am suddenly going to be a sustainability queen (!) but I’m going to make changes where I can and begin to educate my children in being more resourceful.

With this idea in mind, we decided to make our own wrapping paper for Christmas gifts and this I really enjoyed! We had a large roll of brown wrapping paper and were able to find several Christmas templates around the house. I thought it best if we do a bit of a test run with regards to what paint to use and I am so glad we did! I initially used normal poster paint but as this dried on the paper the colours became muted and just looked too washed out. Next to try was acrylic paint and while this was a little thick, the colours were still vibrant once dried – perfect!

We managed to make a good couple of metres of wrapping paper in this way and these were used to wrap gifts for those visiting my Dad’s on Boxing Day. I did use a small amount of sticky tape to secure the wrapping which made me feel a bit as if I was cheating but I couldn’t think of another way to do it – suggestions for this would be gratefully received! I finished off each gift with some Christmas ribbon and brown string to secure a tag and viola!

I was really pleased with how the paper turned out and love that my eldest and I made it together. All but the sticky tape could be recycled whether it be in the recycling bin or in the case of the ribbon, saved to be used on another gift next year. I will definitely be making more and hope to have an alternative solution for the use of sticky tape by then!

I hope to be back very soon!

L x

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