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Over the rainbow

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well in this new world that we find ourselves in. Well, my new year goal of completing more craft projects and sharing them didn’t really pan out did it! Here we are in April and this is only my second post of the year! I have to admit that since deciding that I was going to keep my crafting solely as a hobby, I have lost a little bit of interest. I guess my attention has been elsewhere with getting involved in activities at school as well as birthdays and the usual stuff that life has to offer. By taking the pressure off of myself to create, I had actually lost my enthusiasm.

And yet here we find ourselves in a state of lockdown, with children home from school and parents attempting to get to grips with the dynamics of homeschooling and increasingly trying to not let today feel like a rerun of yesterday. With this abrupt change to daily life I suddenly had the urge to immerse myself in a new craft project, which led me to the craft kit that I was given by my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It is from MakeBox+Co ( and is called ‘The ‘Over the Rainbow’ Box.’ Included in the box is all the materials needed to create a small rainbow necklace, a rainbow stitched postcard and a rope weaving rainbow, which is what I decided to start with first. Additionally each kit sold donates 10% of its profits to Tommy’s Baby Charity, who fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth and provide health information and support to parents.

The instructions for the rope weaving rainbow were easy to follow and once I had read through them a few times, I was ready to begin. I love starting a new project and particularly a craft that I haven’t tried before. Once each piece of rope was cut to the correct length, I attached the same length of wire which would be wrapped around the rope underneath the coloured yarn and would allow each piece of rope to be manipulated into the rainbow shape. Now it was time to wrap each rope length in coloured yarn – the fun bit!

I chose 6 colours from the yarn pack provided and decided what order they would go in the rainbow. I don’t really remember doing this in any specific order except that I chose colours that I really like to go on the longer lengths of rope as there would be more of them!

The trickiest bit was attaching and starting the yarn wrapping at one end of the rope. Where the wire was attached to the rope, it was slightly raised and this made it a little tricky to initially cover it with the yarn. Maybe I had wrapped the wire around the rope too much but once I was over this, I was away! I found myself being really meticulous in making sure that each round of yarn was butting up to the previous and so covering every inch of the rope and wire underneath. I found this so relaxing to do and have to admit that I rather prolonged finishing the weaving of all 6 lengths of rope just so I had more to do!

Once all 6 rope lengths had been woven with yarn and manipulated into a rainbow shape, I noticed that the coloured yarn started and ended at slightly different points on some of the strips of rope which meant that the ends of the rainbow were not aligned. Thankfully I had not wrapped the yarn so tightly that it couldn’t be slightly manipulated and I was able to slide the yarn carefully along the rope to make the strips even – what a pain! To be honest, I found the hardest part of the whole project was threading through and across the lengths of rope so as to secure them in the rainbow shape – that rope is tough!

The finished project

All that was left to do was the finishing touches of fraying and trimming the ends of the rope, ensuring that they were even and attaching the hanging loop and the wooden bird embellishments. Viola!

I am so pleased with how my rainbow rope weaving turned out and I would love to create something else in this way, once I have found a similar kit! I plan to hang my finished rainbow in my front window as a mark of solidarity in our current situation. I am really looking forward to starting the other projects in the box and will be sure to share them with you when they are completed. I hope that whatever you are doing in this current lockdown you are safe, well and finding activities and projects to do which make you happy.

Until next time,

L x

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