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As the heatwave continues and football fever has hit, we have been a little preoccupied in our household. Plus I am learning that having two little ones in this heat is playing havoc with my irritability levels – maybe its an age thing?!


I thought I would share with you something that I am so pleased with and which makes me smile whenever I take the time to really look at it – my dresser!


This gorgeous pine dresser has been in my family since just before I was born and was purchased by my parents, although it is obviously a lot older than me! My dad is in the process of decorating and when he offered the dresser to me as it would no longer be in keeping with his new furniture, I jumped at the chance to have it and keep it in the family – I am quite sentimental about these things!


Once we (the royal ‘we!’) had given the dresser a good polish and positioned it, it was time to fill it and titivate – my favourite part! In recent years I have inherited quite a hoard of crockery and knew that I had to be careful with the storage space so that everything would fit in! After parting with some pieces to the boot fair pile, I was pleased to find that everything had a home and it was then just a case of making the top half of the dresser look nice.


It was my Dad’s suggestion to line the shelves with some paper and this is where my obsessive personality kicked in! I spent hours (literally!) trawling the internet for lining paper, wall paper, drawer liners, shelf liners you name it but nothing seemed just right. How hard could it be to find some paper?! Finally I found some wrapping paper on a roll (so as to not have any creases – yes, I am that fussy!) and the exhausting search could cease.


I love the smaller shelf at the top which is perfect for the small cups and saucers. These are a mixture of a set which was originally my maternal great-grandmother’s as well as individual cups which belonged to my paternal great-grandmother; all of which are very precious. As much as I would never use these pieces, I love that I am able to see them displayed and at the same time know that they are safe behind glass doors!


As well as displaying some of these precious pieces of family history, this top part of the dresser is also home to some of my more durable yet equally as pretty pieces of crockery. I hope that in being on view instead of tucked away in a cupboard, I will actually use them. In a household filled with superheroes, aeroplanes and dirt, this is my attempt to bring an element of femininity to the table and I am pretty well pleased with it!


Until next time


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