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We are having a bit of heatwave here this week, which gives me the perfect opportunity to tempt you with this pom pom delight. I first saw this project on Pinterest while looking for an idea to try with my new pom pom maker and stumbled upon this perfect treat by Lia Griffith:

It wasn’t until I had made the different ‘flavoured’ pom poms and was needing a material for the ice cream cone that I started to look around the house for what I could use. Like most people, we have an abundance of ‘bags for life’ stuffed in the cupboard under the stairs and I suddenly remembered seeing a few that were hessian – perfect! While the supermarket branding was printed over the bag, I was able to rescue a few strips of the hessian from around the edge and this would give me enough for what I needed. I felt quite satisfied that I had found a material which I already had that was ideal without spending any money, unless you take into account the original cost of the bag!








This got me thinking about the amount of resources that are around the house that could be put to better use. While I am not suggesting that from now on I will only be using bags for life in my projects, I will try to be a bit more aware in future of the alternative use for things rather than them just taking up space and becoming ‘clutter.’ In the past I have kept pieces of pretty wrapping paper, ribbon and embellishments from greeting cards and this is all well and good as long as I do actually use them for something or else I am just left with more clutter!

I would like to take on more of a recycling approach in my projects, with this particularly relevant in a time when we are all being made to think about how we use certain resources. So, may you all be a witness to my endeavour to reuse and recycle more!

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L x

Thank you to Lia Griffith for the inspiration! More of her wonderful projects can be found at



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