Spring has sprung – almost!

Good afternoon!


Despite the rather cloudy and dull day here in Kent, today is actually the Spring Equinox or the first day of Spring and this in itself fills me with great optimism! I don’t know about you but I feel as if the Winter of 2018/19 has just dragged on and on and despite the weeks flying by, the weather hasn’t. The older I get I am sure I become more miserable in the winter months, filled with far too much negativity. Once the seasons change and the sunshine starts to make an appearance, I start to feel far happier and positive. I have many projects planned for this year, with several of them being ones that I have kept on the back burner for far too long so I am going to use this positivity to drum up the enthusiasm to crack on!


This is where this little guy comes in! The pattern and materials for this mini-make where bought for me many moons ago and where part of the kit from which I also made the two love hearts featured in my previous post Craft is in the heart!. Quick and easy to make, it was a simple project to get me back into creating and posting after what has been a very busy month in our house.


Once the bird’s body and wings had been cut out using the template provided, I was able to practise my zig-zag stitch, which I first attempted when making the love hearts mentioned above. This was to secure one wing to each side of the bird before the two halves were then sewn together using a straight stitch. I am pretty pleased with my zig-zag stitch on this one, although one wing is better than the other – practice makes perfect!


The buttons for the eyes were actually raided from my mum’s collection as the remaining ones in the kit didn’t look quite right on the bird once he was made. It took me a little while to find two matching buttons out of the assorted ones in the tin but with the help of my biggest little one, we found a pair which looked just right.


And there we have it! Our own little pretty bird who is to remind us that Spring has begun and the warmer weather and longer days are not too far from us now – thank goodness! I hope to be sharing many projects over the coming weeks and putting my new found enthusiasm to good use.


Until next time,


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