Fabric not Faberge!

Hello to you all,   Welcome to my Easter Post!   I wanted to try something new this Easter while also involving my boys, although that part of the project didn’t quite go to plan! After researching various Easter activities and projects, I decided upon decorating eggs using fabric scraps.   My husband offered to […]

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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Hi there,   I’ve just realised that I started my last post by saying that I plan to be busy making Christmas gifts and that the bed made for Sausage the Cat would be my last project before getting stuck into festive projects. So, I fibbed! THIS will be my last project before Christmas and […]

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Do your dinosaurs eat cress?!

Hi to you all,   The summer holidays are flying by with not much time to spare, hence why I have been sitting on this post for a little while but have not had the time to do much with it! Well, here goes …   This post is a bit different from my usual […]

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