The Bridal Sash That Isn’t!

Good afternoon to you all on this Spring-like day!


Thank goodness the sunshine has finally made an appearance, despite me having to temporarily block it away from my laptop screen! It will soon be the season for all things wedding related, which makes me nostaligic for my own and for all those that I had attended.


This project is a bit of a throwback to 2017 and more specifically to the hen celebrations of a dear friend of mine. As seems the norm for many brides-to-be in recent years, pre-wedding celebrations are not contained to just one specific day/evening and can take many forms before the ‘big day.’ This project was created for a more intimate day in which a group of 5 friends, including the bride-to-be went out for a relaxing day in the sunshine! We all boarded a train, with the bride not having any idea where we were headed – how exciting!


I just love celebrating with friends and see it as a great opportunity to get creative. Along with the handful of other games and surprises that were planned for the day, I put myself forward to make the bride-to-be a sash and the rest as they say is history – a project was born! As is my go-to for inspiration, I typed into the Pinterest search and started to build up a vision of what I would create. I wanted the sash to be feminine, soft and personalised and hopefully something that my friend would like to keep as a reminder of our day.


Once I had chosen the fabric to use from my stash, I really just went with it and made it up as I went along! I have always favoured designs that are a little different from the norm and so decided on a ‘sash that wasn’t a sash’ but that would be worn around the neck. I obviously didn’t know what my friend would be wearing on the day and didn’t want a conventional sash which is worn across the body to pull on any of her clothing.


This is actually the first project through which I discovered the wonders of Bondaweb and so not a lot of sewing was involved. Once the back square was made (that was on a sewing machine!) the rest of the fabric pieces were attached to each other using bondaweb. As well as being quicker than sewing the pieces together, it also provided an element of stiffness in much the same way as interfacing would, although not as much. As the ‘sash’ would be worn around the neck, this was actually really beneficial as it allowed the ‘L’ plate to hang well, rather than being floppy and folding in on itself as some fabrics may have done.


I was really pleased with my choice of hessian fabric, which makes the floral ‘L’ shape stand out as well as giving the piece a country /shabby chic feel and who doesn’t love a bit of that! The use of ribbon as a means of hanging the ‘sash’ was purely for comfort and while it was intended to be worn around the neck, I also suggested that my friend could wrap the ribbon around her wrist for it to be hung that way; She did actually choose to wear it around her neck!


I love the part of any project where embellishments can be used to enhance what has already been made and this project was no different. I used the blue ric-rac ribbon around the edge of the hessian to bring out the blue in the larger L shape but also as a way of securing the fraying edges of the hessian fabric and this was sewn in place. Thankfully I had 4 matching buttons for the corners (I love a button on a corner) and then I was just left with the top right hand corner of the square which just looked as if it was missing something. I was able to find a small silver coloured anchor embellishment which was perfect for my friend and which really personalised the whole piece. However this was not the end…..


When purchasing the anchor embellishment, they came in a pack of 10 and so I had 9 anchors remaining – erm, what to do?! I decided that it would be fun to make 4 matching brooches which echoed the bride-to-be sash and would then give us all something to keep from the day. While all but the bride-to-be knew that I was making the bridal sash, they didn’t know that I was making the matching brooches and so when it came to the reveal they all had a surprise, which was lovely.


I am so pleased that my dear friend loved her bridal ‘sash’ and we all had a wonderful day, filled with much laughter! When the big day finally arrived, we all decided to also wear our matching brooches as a mark of solidarity! I love making pieces that play a part in creating memories and this is certainly a memory that I will not forget.


Until next time,


L x

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