When the gin has gone..!

Hi To You All,


I hope this finds you all well and surviving the miserable weather that January is giving us – at least we have made it half way through the month!


I have been keeping the idea for this mini-project on the back-burner for a while and am so pleased with how it has turned out, I thought I would share it with you. The original idea was realised about a year ago when I saw something similar being sold and as is often my first thought, my reaction was ‘ohh I like that, but I could make that myself!’ I took a cheeky photo with the idea that I would have a rummage at home to see what I could use to create a similar effect and that is as far as I got.


Fast forward to June and my darling brother bought me a bottle of Edinburgh Gin, Raspberry Liqeur for my birthday – hooray on both counts! For those of you participating in Ginuary 2019 or if you just like to indulge in a wee gin every so often, I would definately recommend having a try of Edinburgh Gin’s raspberry offering. It is rather lush and I seemed to finish the bottle far too quickly!


However I digress! Besides being very grateful for a new drink to try (and equally pleased that I had recieved a gift that I couldn’t share with the children) my attention soon moved to the bottle itself. I instantly loved the shape and the markings at the bottom of the bottle reminded me of an art-deco type design. I had suddenly found the bottle that I would use for that project idea!



Once the bottle was empty (I took that part of the project very seriously), I decided that I would remove and keep the label as this in itself is also quite attractive – I may start a new collection! I used a hand-held steamer and found this much easier than having to soak the label for hours which I have done in the past. The label came off the bottle in one piece which was also a bonus.


Now came the fun part of choosing accessories with which to decorate the bottle. When I had first seen the item which inspired this project all those months ago, various different materials had been used as decoration. I decided to however focus on using jewellery and started to raid my collection. I have acquired a fair amount over the years, stored across several boxes but a lot of it is more costume jewellery. While I don’t actually wear most of it now, I can remember where I got some of it and who bought certain pieces for me and it was these pieces that I chose to use.



I have always loved blues and greens, which is echoed in the pieces that I found. The bracelet at the bottom of the bottle was bought for me by my dear Nanny when we were shopping in West Malling, Kent-she loved a good shop! The item at the top of the beads is actually a necklace that my Grandad bought to match my school prom dress, all those years ago! While it is tarnished now and I haven’t worn it for years, like all the pieces I chose it holds a personal memory and for that reason I couldn’t throw it away. I have fallen a little bit in love with this bottle now as it holds memories in each item that surrounds it and is personal to me; my intention is that I will add to it over time.


Looking at the finished bottle (although I like to think of it as ‘a work in progress’) I had the thought that this idea could be adapted to incorporate items of significant material i.e strips of a grandparents tie / handkerchief or strips of lace from a wedding dress although for certain things you may need a bigger bottle! You could even take it to another level and use a bottle in itself that was significant, for example a bottle of fizz from a wedding, decorated with lace from the wedding dress – the opportunities are endless. 


I love my new ‘memory’ bottle & would definately create another one, although I would have to drink more gin – such a shame!


Until next time,


L x


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